Text/Image Note

You can create a text note with your favorite color and font. You can also attach an image to the note.

  Freehand Drawing

You can draw a figure with your fingers to add a comments or emphasize important notes.


To create a note, you just draw a circle on the board.

  Send a note from iPhone

board+ support to receive notes from iPhone or iPod touch via Network (LAN) or Bluetooth. 'board+ client' is required to be installed on iPhone/iPod touch side.

Both iPad and iPhone/iPod touch must support Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy to use Bluetooth.

  Create a note from Facebook or Twitter

board+ can connect to Facebook Group, and create a note from the comments on the group. You can also create a note from the Twitter Search results.


board+ supports iCloud. It means that if you have two iPad, you can access same documents from both devices.